Child Gardening
Urban Oases

Create Your Own Oasis at Home

Migratory birds need places to rest and refuel. Hundreds of species migrate through our flyway—the Atlantic Flyway—and through our community every spring and fall. That means your yard and neighborhood is an opportunity to fill in the gaps for migrants along the flyway, as places for birds to find food and shelter.

Be a part of the solution—transform your own yard into an Urban Oasis for birds and other wildlife too! Check out these resources to help you get started.

Suggested Books on creating habitat for birds at home, school, & in your community

Helpful Handouts
Schoolyard Habitat Resources

Helpful Handouts

Quick references to learn more about birds, other wildlife, plants, and habitats

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Plants for Birds
Bird-Friendly Communities

Discover Plants for Birds

This helpful and fun-to-use resource helps you find bird-friendly native plants—which also save you water, time, and money. Just enter your zip code to discover which plants are best for birds in your area.

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