Working together for birds, nature, and people of Connecticut & the Atlantic Flyway

Piping Plover. Photo: Lorraine Minns / Audubon Photography Awards

Through land stewardship, science, education and advocacy, we work across the state to preserve habitat and protect bird species that are of state, national, and global concern; and we identify and support Important Bird Areas (IBAs), a hallmark of Audubon’s efforts worldwide.

It begins with birds, but our mission connects people to a much wider range of issues, such as preventing air and water pollution, reducing pesticide use, promoting land conservation and reducing the impact of global climate change on birds, wildlife, and people. Through creative public-private alliances, by engaging diverse audiences, and by understanding how to invest in a sustainable future, we are charting a new course for Connecticut.

The strength we derive as part of the National Audubon Society enables us to contribute to a broader conservation strategy—one that recognizes the need to conserve wildlife on a wide geographic scope.

Birds of Conservation Concern

Piping Plover

Latin:  Charadrius melodus

Illustration for Piping Plover

American Oystercatcher

Latin:  Haematopus palliatus

Illustration for American Oystercatcher

Cerulean Warbler

Latin:  Setophaga cerulea

Illustration for Cerulean Warbler

Wood Thrush

Latin:  Hylocichla mustelina

Illustration for Wood Thrush

How you can help, right now