Connecticut Says “Yes” to Protecting Public Lands

November 7, 2018Voters on Tuesday, November 6th overwhelmingly passed the Question #2 ballot measure to help safeguard public lands from being sold, swapped, and given away.

Thanks to the Audubon community, more than 100 organizations in the Protect CT Lands Coalition, and Connecticut citizens who share concerns about our state’s public lands, Connecticut voted yes to protect our public lands, beaches, forests, parks, and landmarks. As of late Tuesday, the unofficial results showed that more than 80 percent of voters voted in favor of the Question #2 Constitutional Amendment.

This landmark measure will require the Connecticut General Assembly to hold a public hearing and gain a 2/3rds majority vote before a state-owned park, forest, wildlife management area, or farmland is sold, swapped, or given away. This means greater government transparency and that legislators will no longer be able to tack on last-minute public land sale, swap, and giveaway amendments at the end of legislative sessions without any public input.

Congratulations to the dedicated Connecticut electorate, organizations, and legislators who helped pass this important Connecticut Constitutional Amendment. Audubon Connecticut looks forward to continuing to advance critical conservation work and policy priorities with you for the benefit of birds, other wildlife, and people of Connecticut.

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