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Meet the Audubon Connecticut Staff


  • Stewart Hudson, VP & Executive Director
  • Katie Blake, Bird-Friendly Communities Manager
  • Patrick Comins, Director of Bird Conservation
  • Corrie Folsom-O'Keefe, Important Bird Area Program Coordinator
  • Roree M. Warnke, Director of Development
  • Genese Leach, Policy Manager
  • Lisa Palladino, Operations Manager 
  • Tiffany Witmer, Development Officer


Audubon Center at Bent of the River

  • Leslie Kane, Center Director
  • Ken Elkins, Education Program Manager
  • Glen Somogie, Land & Facilities Manager

Audubon Greenwich

  • Michelle Frankel, Center Director
  • Andy Chapin, Land Steward
  • John Fairty, Facilities Manager
  • James Flynn, Environmental Education Specialist
  • Ted Gilman, Senior Naturalist & Environmental Education Specialist
  • Gigi Lombardi, Operations Manager
  • Susan Matthews, Education Coordinator
  • Francesca Williams, Schoolyard Habitat Curriculum & Evaluation Consultant

Audubon Sharon

  • Sean Grace, Center Director
  • Sunny Bettley, Wildlife Rehabilitation & Outreach Specialist
  • Mike Dudek, Land Manager
  • Wendy Miller, Education Program Manager
  • Mel Paskell, Buildings Manager

*All website photos by Sean Graesser/Audubon Connecticut unless noted otherwise

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