Greenwich Audubon Center

Greenwich Audubon Center opened its doors in 1943 as the National Audubon Society’s first environmental education center in the country. From its inception, the center welcomed visitors to its sanctuaries and invited them to participate in nature education programs. This innovative approach—preserving open space not just to protect wildlife and native habitat from people, but to actively engage people in its conservation through learning and exploration—served as a model for Audubon and other nature education centers nationwide and influenced the development of place-based experiential learning as a highly effective pedagogical practice.

Greenwich Audubon Center owns and manages 686 acres on seven sanctuaries in Greenwich, including the Main Sanctuary located at 613 Riversville Road. Members and the public are welcome to enjoy the seven miles of trails throughout the year from sunrise to sunset. The sanctuary's trails lead to hardwood forests, old fields, lake, streams, and vernal pools. Reminders of the past are the stone walls, an old apple orchard, and original New England homestead buildings. Our sanctuaries are a haven, in the increasingly urbanized tri-state metropolitan area, for a vast array of birds and other wildlife.

Each year, 20,000 people visit our center, accessing its nature education campus, sanctuaries, and trails. We engage these visitors in the protection of birds and their habitats through science, education, advocacy, and on-the-ground stewardship, making Greenwich Audubon Center a truly unique and trusted force for conservation.

To learn more about Greenwich Audubon Center, including hours of operation, location and directions, staff, programs, and history, please visit our website.

Greenwich Audubon Center
613 Riversville Road
Greenwich, CT 06831

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