Rehabilitated Golden Eagle Released

Erin O'Connell & her team helped to rehabilitate an injured Golden Eagle.

Erin O'Connell and her team at the Sharon Audubon Center helped to rehabilitate an injured Golden Eagle last year. This eagle was fitted with a transmitter in conjunction with a university study on the effects of wind turbines on birds. The bird was ultimately released at Mohawk State Forest and flew away beautifully. It was tracked to the upper Saint Lawrence River in Quebec last spring and then the radio signal was lost- until now!

Radio contact was recently reestablished- probably because the bird reentered areas where the transmitter could communicate with cell towers. As a result, all of the information that the data logger had stored in the meantime was transmitted and it's jouney back to our area documented.

The exciting news is that according to gps points and google earth, the eagle flew down through New York, through Amenia and the same spot it was found injured last year and directly over the Sharon Audubon Center on Tuesday!

We are all excited that this bird is still doing so well after being rehabilitated and has come back to essentially the exact spot where it was found last year!

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