Support Open Space for Birds

As our towns and cities grow, our birds depend on us to provide important habitats where they can rest during migration and safely raise their young.

The conservation of migratory birds, many of which are experiencing serious population declines, requires the protection of a network of stop-over sites all along their migratory pathway. In this rapidly changing landscape, our parks, gardens, forests, and farmlands are invaluable habitat oases

We need your help now! Connecticut needs to preserve open space and provide adequate stewardship of open space that has already been acquired.

Please join us! Speak up in support of HB 5254 and the places birds need.

Audubon Connecticut strongly supports HB 5254. If passed, this bill would establish a pilot program to allow, but not require, municipalities to establish up to a 1% buyer's conveyance fee on real estate conveyances greater than $150,000 to fund: (1) purchase of local open space, forest and farmland (including in cooperation with land trusts); (2) brownfield remediation, or (3) other environmental projects including stewardship.

Cities and towns across Connecticut need a sustainable source of funding for local conservation and stewardship efforts. HB 5254 creates a local option for those towns and cities who wish to pursue this land use management option. This is enabling legislation (not a mandate) that offers towns and cities flexibility and home rule choice - participating municipalities have the opportunity to decide, through their own local decision making process, whether to adopt this program. The funds are collected and expended locally and there is no fiscal impact on the state budget!  

The benefits of HB 5254 doesn’t stop at birds. The results of this program for communities are more beautiful and livable neighborhoods, parks and schools.

Where birds thrive, people prosper. Please tell your legislator why they should co-sponsor HB 5254.

Thank you in advance for your support for this legislation and for encouraging its successful passage out of Committee. 

How you can help, right now