"Lights Out" Bill Passes House Unanimously

It is now up to the Senate to help save migratory birds from fatal collisions

A majority of migratory species, like the Ruby-throated Hummingbird and American Woodcock, migrate at night.
In fact, every night during peak migration season, hundreds of millions of birds will migrate north across the lower 48 states, navigating with the night sky. As they pass over big cities, they can become disoriented by bright artificial lights and skyglow, which makes them vulnerable to threats like building and window collisions.
We know that going “lights out” can work. A study by the Field Museum of Chicago found that turning off the lights at one problematic building reduced migratory bird deaths there by 80%.
In an effort to help our birds, Audubon Connecticut has joined the Lights Out Connecticut coalition and together we call on the Connecticut General Assembly to pass House Bill No. 6607– An Act Concerning the Nighttime Lighting of State-Owned Buildings at Certain Times for the Protection of Birds. This bill will help provide safe passage for birds by having building managers turn off nonessential nighttime lighting in buildings owned by the state.
SUCCESS! As of early May, HB 6607 has unanimously passed both the Environmental Committee and House of Representatives! The bill has now moved to the Senate floor for a vote.
Connecticut’s night skies have the opportunity to be darker and safer for migratory birds, if we act now to go “lights out." Learn how you can become an advocate and help our birds here:

How you can help, right now