Important Bird Areas

2013 Awardees

IBA Small Matching Grants Program

West Haven Watershed Restoration Committee - Install an entrance sign and repair the kiosk at the Sandy Point IBA and improve the area by removing invasive non-native plants and establishing native plants that benefit nesting and migratory birds

Falkner’s Light Brigade - Install a high-quality, outdoor rugged webcam on Falkner’s Island that will be used to raise public awareness about the species and conservation activities that occur on the island.

Audubon Center at the Bent of the River - Cultivate native forest shrubs to a size large enough to increase survivability and transplant them into areas of the forest cleared of invasive plants.

Aton Forest. Inc. - Reopen forest interior Breeding Bird Survey Lines that where closed as a result of significant tree fall during recent storms.

Friends of Greenwich Point Park - Install two additional 12 Gourd Purple Martin Units at Greenwich Point Park IBA.

CT Butterfly Association and Friend of Lighthouse Point Park– Improve the habitat at Light House Point Park IBA for butterflies and birds.

City of New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park - Purchase bird seed for the newly established Bird Feeding Station at Lighthouse Point Park IBA.

Sleeping Giant Park Association Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden - Site preparation, planting, and maintenance of the bird and butterfly garden.

Avalonia Land Conservancy, Inc. – Install a second Purple Martin gourd nesting structure at Knox Preserve. 

Town of Westbrook Conservation Commission - Increase patrols by Westbrook’s Marine Patrol Boat around the Menunkatesuck, Duck and Salt Island IBA to make people aware of restrictions, reasons for restrictions, and importance of barrier islands.

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