Important Bird Areas

Greenwich Point Park

Greenwich Point Park and Nearby Islands

Greenwich (Fairfield County)

Status: Recognized IBA

Ownership: Town of Greenwich

Nominator: Gary Palmer

Size: 147+ Acres

Location: 41° 00’ N, 73° 35’ W

Primary—Deciduous forest
Secondary—Shrub, field, salt marsh, estuary, sandy beach, and islands

Land Use:
Primary—Other recreation and tourism, nature and wildlife conservation

Serious—Invasive or non-native plants, hydrologic changes (rising sea level, erosion on islands)
Minor—human disturbance

Site Description: Greenwich Point Park is immensely popular and offers beaches, picnic areas, boating, claming, a secluded garden, nature areas, and a museum. There is a circular trial around the peninsula. Access is limited from April 1 through November 30 to protect fragile natural resources. Islands adjacent to the park include: Greenwich Island, which has a rocky shore with some trees, Bluff Island, which is rocky with some low vegetation, similar Diving Island, and Sand or Pelican Island, a sand/gravel island that has been eroded in recent years.

IBA Criteria: 500+ Waterfowl (winter)/1000+ Waterfowl (staging); 100+ Terns, 500+ Shorebirds; 5000+ Raptors; Rare, Unique, or Representative Habitat; High Conservation Priority Species; Exceptional Concentrations of Migratory Landbirds.

Birds: Due to the park’s peninsular geography and the variety of habitats available it is an important migrant stopover habitat for many species of birds. Good numbers of waterfowl winter offshore and in Eagle Pond, many raptors pass the park in fall migration and the park acts as stopover habitat for some of them. The offshore islands offer breeding habitat for Common and Least Terns.

Existing Conservation Measures: Access to the park is limited during nesting season. This reduces the public impact on nesting wildlife. The park is popular year-round. Some invasive control work has been done by the town and the Friends of Greenwich Point Park.

State-listed Species: 






Common Tern, SC

100 pr. Formerly


Up to 2001

Least Tern



Up to 2001

American Oystercatcher, SC

4-8 pr


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