Important Bird Areas

East Rock Park

New Haven (New Haven County)

Status: Recognized IBA

Ownership: City of New Haven Parks Commission

Nominator: Dan Barvir, East Rock Park Ranger

Size: 426 Acres

Location: 41° 20' N, 72° 55' W

Primary—Deciduous forest and riparian or floodplain forest
Secondary—A river, tidal freshwater marsh, estuary and traprock ridge. Park is surrounded by urban habitats.

Land Use:
Primary—nature and wildlife conservation
Secondary—hunting/fishing, other recreation or tourism, and research

Serious—Invasive or non-native plants, Cowbird parasitism, hydrologic changes

Site Description: East Rock Park is a 426-acre urban park in the City of New Haven. East Rock is a 369-foot high traprock ridge. The western half of the park straddles the Mill River.

IBA Criteria: High Conservation Priority Species of Birds Rare; Unique, or Representative Habitat; Exceptional Concentrations of Migratory Landbirds; Long-term Research and/or Monitoring.

Birds: The mixed deciduous forest habitat of the park serves as an important stopover area for many species of migratory songbirds. Over 200 species of birds have been recorded in the park. On a good day in the spring, over 20 species of warblers are easily recorded within the park. Due to the urban setting and geography of the Park, it is an important island of habitat in the urban environment and is one of the most important landbird stopover areas in Connecticut in the spring.

Existing Conservation Measures: Ongoing removal of invasive plants.

State-listed Species: None listed

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