Important Bird Areas

2018 Awardees

IBA Small Matching Grants Program

Fully Supported

Aton Forest - $1000 request, $1000 match to hire an experienced birder to conduct breeding bird surveys and coordinate volunteers. This money will go towards an ongoing project to maintain a long-term record of the bird community at Aton Forest.

Connecticut Audubon Society - $1000 request, $1000 match for the Coastal Ranger at Milford Point who will monitor nests and human behavior in addition to assisting with the Shorebird Disturbance Monitoring Protocol. This is an ongoing project that is part of the Audubon Alliance for Coastal Waterbirds.

CT DEEP, Division of Forestry, Naugatuck State Forest - $175 request, $175 match to construct two signs in the Naugatuck State Forest. One sign will include information on the Important Bird Area designation and birds in the area, and the other sign will show the new trail map. Audubon Connecticut will print the signs and DEEP will install them.

Shepaug Valley School - $200 request, $200 match to purchase binoculars for students who will be recording the bird community. We hope this project will allow students to collect data that will support the inclusion of the Shepuag Valley School within the Shepaug Forest Block IBA.

Partially Supported 

Avalonia Land Conservancy, Inc. - $1000 request, $1000 match to fund title search and other legal fees to acquire property that was previously owned by the Pequot Audubon Chapter. The committee decided that it would be best to cover the cost of the title search, legal property transfer, and recording/administration work. The management plan for the nature preserve will not be covered by this grant. Awarded $800 in funding toward this project.

City of New Haven, Department of Parks at East Rock Park - $1200 request, $4234.11 match for habitat improvement at East Rock Park. The improvements will follow suggestions outlined in the East Rock Forest Bird Habitat Assessment Report. Awarded $1100 in funding toward this project.

Connecticut College Arboretum - $2000 request, $5225 match to publish and print a report that captures the changing bird community at the arboretum and Mamacoke Island. Audubon Connecticut will cover the cost of the publication design and a portion of the requested printed copies. Awarded $1200 in funding toward this project.

Kent Land Trust - $1075 request, $2210 match to enhance habitat at Skiff Mountain South Preserve. Land Trust members will implement habitat recommendations from the Forest Bird Habitat Assessment done by Audubon Connecticut in 2015, including creating canopy gaps in the forest for shrub-dependent birds and purchasing native plants. We are able to provide $545 for native plants instead of the requested $600. Awarded $1020 in funding toward this project.

Menunkatuck Audubon Society - $900 request, $6510 match for habitat improvement and expansion of the West River Urban Oasis. Invasive species such as Phragmites australis and mugwort will be removed, native shrubs and perennials will be planted, and deer fencing will be constructed around new plantings. Awarded $850 in funding toward this project.

New Haven Land Trust - $2500 request, $2500 match to host events and activities involving birds at the Quinnipiac Tidal Marsh IBA. Because of tight funding, we requested and NHLT agreed to have one event that involves bird activities and public engagement to celebrate the addition of Quinnipiac Meadows to the Quinnipiac Tidal Marsh IBA. Awarded $500 in funding toward this project.

Sharon Audubon Center / Audubon Sharon - $1000 request, $1000 match to create one IBA sign and 15 habitat/bird signs. We will fund the one large IBA sign. Awarded $500 in funding toward this project.

Steep Rock Association - $1000 request, $2550 match to create IBA sign and repair wooden trails and viewing platform. The committee supports the construction of an IBA sign at Macricostas Preserve. We suggest that the Steep Rock Association should instead work with a local group, such as a Boy Scout Troop Eagle Scout Project, to repair the wooden trails and viewing platform. Awarded $150 in funding toward this project.

Town of Westport Conservation Department - $1455 request, $2921 match to purchase new fencing for shorebird nests and signs for beach-goers at Compo Beach and Cockenoe Island. Awarded $725 in funding toward this project.

West Haven Watershed Restoration Committee, Sandy Point Committee - $900 request, $2600 match to purchase plants and improve habitat at the butterfly garden at Sandy Point. The Wildlife Guards program with Audubon Connecticut has funding to plant native vegetation at Sandy Point, so some aspects of these two projects could be combined. Awarded $550 in funding toward this project.

New Haven Bird Club at West River Urban Oasis - $950 request, $950 match to purchase supplies that will increase environmental outreach and education at West River. The review committee thought that the most important supplies to fund were the bird guide and signs that will be available to visitors. Awarded $280 in funding toward this project.

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