Spring Appeal

Thank you for your support and your shared dedication to protecting the nature of Connecticut.

Please help protect nature and make a gift to Audubon Connecticut today!

You’ve read the news—a rapid decline in pollinators is happening across America with negative impacts on birds, other wildlife, and people. This is a growing and significant crisis, but at Audubon Connecticut, we’re doing our part to reverse the situation.

Just outside each of the Audubon Centers across Connecticut is a native plant pollinator garden, and we’ve added one to a site we manage at Stratford Point. We support legislation that protects pollinators. And, our programs empower individuals to create Bird-Friendly Communities—including those that are good for our precious pollinators!

All living creatures depend on nature—and nature depends on our protection of habitat for the wildlife we enjoy and depend on. Won’t you help us by supporting Audubon’s programs, including what we do to protect pollinators, birds, and other wildlife?

Together, with your support, Audubon Connecticut can continue to make a difference protecting and advocating for birds, other wildlife, and the people of Connecticut. Where birds thrive, people prosper.

Please make a gift to Audubon Connecticut today!



Photos by Sean Graesser

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