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Meet the Audubon Connecticut Staff


  • Katie Blake, Bird-Friendly Communities Manager (email, 203-930-1385)
  • Corrie Folsom-O'Keefe, Bird Conservation Programs Manager (email203-405-9116)
  • Genese Leach, Policy Manager (email, 860-716-1723)
  • Genevieve Nuttall, Bird Conservation Program Associate (email, 203-405-9115)
  • Lisa Palladino, Finance & Operations Manager (email, 203-742-1735)
  • Tiffany Witmer, Development Officer (email, 203-930-1391)

For Audubon Connecticut questions and information on general operations or gifts and donations, please email us at ct@audubon.org.

For Media Queries, please scroll down to our media contact list near the bottom of this page.


Audubon Center Bent of the River

  • Leslie Kane, Center Director (email203-405-9112)
  • Ken Elkins, Education Program Manager (email203-405-9113)
  • Kate PrattEducator and Volunteer Coordinator (email)
  • Glen Somogie, Land & Facilities Manager (email203-405-9114)

Audubon Greenwich

  • Michelle Frankel, Center Director (email203-930-1350)
  • Andy Chapin, Land Steward (email203-930-1348)
  • John Fairty, Facilities Manager (email)
  • James Flynn, Environmental Education Specialist (email, 203-930-1354)
  • Ted Gilman, Senior Naturalist & Environmental Education Specialist (email, 203-930-1353)
  • Gigi Lombardi, Operations Manager (email, 203-930-1351)
  • Eli Schaffer, Public Programs Manager (email,  203-930-1349 )
  • Francesca WilliamsSchoolyard Habitat Curriculum & Evaluation Consultant (email, 203-930-1352)

Audubon Sharon

  • Eileen Fielding, Center Director (email, 860-364-0520 ext. 120)
  • Zach AdamsEnvironmental Educator (email, 860-364-0520 ext. 108)
  • Sunny Bettley, Wildlife Rehabilitation & Outreach Specialist (email, 860-364-0520 ext. 106)
  • Mike Dudek, Land Manager (email, 860-364-0048 ext. 112)
  • Wendy Miller, Education Program Manager (email, 860-364-0520 ext. 105)
  • Mel Paskell, Buildings Manager (email, 860-364-0520 ext. 114)

Media Queries, please contact:

  • Leslie Kane (email, 203-405-9112) for general Audubon Connecticut information
  • Corrie Folsom-O'Keefe (email, 203-405-9116) for Bird and Habitat Conservation information
  • Genese Leach (email, 860-716-1723) for Public Policy information
  • Sunny Bettley (email, 860-364-0520 ext. 106) for Wildlife Rehabilitation information
  • Center Directors listed above for Center-specific (resource & program) and Nature information

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