Inside Look: New Monthly Webinar Series

Join us every month for an interactive webinar offering an inside look at the latest bird conservation science, research, and best practices.
Scarlet Tanager. Photo: Daniel Behm/Audubon Photography Awards

We need conservation champions like you to inspire big ideas, and help us act on them.

Join us! Audubon welcomes your invaluable input and your active participation in these interactive sessions. Each webinar will be scheduled for one hour and will feature a presentation followed by an open Q&A and exchange session.

MARCHSpring Migration
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Wednesday, March 18 | 45 p.m.

On this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Why some birds migrate, often incredible distances
  • How Audubon continues to improve our understanding of bird migration to better protect and manage the places birds need
  • Where to best witness the spectacle of spring migration
  • Actions you can take to help birds on their journey

Upcoming webinar topics will include...

April - Native Plants and Pollinators
May - Great Lakes – Wetlands Restoration
June - Bird-safe Buildings

Past Webinars:

FEBRUARY—Healthy Forests

JANUARY—Coastal Resilience

DECEMBER—The Science Behind Audubon's Work

NOVEMBERAudubon's Newest Climate Report: Science and Action

How you can help, right now