Urban Oases

eBird an Urban Oasis

Do like birding? Do you like science? Help track bird activity at Urban Oases through eBird.

This Community-Science-driven tool is helping to complile and share data with a global community of educators, land managers, ornithologists, and conservation biologists who are working to solve today's toughest environmental and conservation problems—and people like you can help.

Taking part in eBird is simple.

  • Record the birds you see
  • Keep track of your bird lists
  • Explore dynamic maps and graphs
  • Share your sightings and join the eBird community
  • Contribute to science and conservation

View eBird Urban Oasis monitoring protocol

Questions? Contact Jillian BellBird-Friendly Communities Coordinator, by email or call 203-900-3354.

eBird Urban Oasis Monitoring Locations

Beaver Ponds Park (Munson Street, New Haven, CT)

Cherry Ann Street (Hamden, CT)

Dover Beach (Intersection of Front Street and John Williamson Drive, New Haven, CT)

East Shore Park (410 Woodward Avenue, New Haven, CT)

Edgewood Park (Intersection of Yale Avenue and Edgewood Avenue, New Haven, CT)

Lighthouse Point Park (2 Lighthouse Point Road, East Haven, CT)

Long Wharf Nature Preserve (Sea Street, New Haven, CT)

Southern CT State University (Crescent Street, New Haven, CT)

West River Memorial Park (200 Derby Avenue, New Haven, CT)

Don’t see an eBird location at your oasis? Interested in creating an oasis and an eBird hotspot? Get in touch with Jillian Bell, Bird-Friendly Communities Coordinator, by email or call 203-900-3354.

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