About Us

Audubon Connecticut Board of Directors

Audubon Connecticut’s Board of Directors is comprised of a group of dedicated people drawn from across the state and from all walks of life who volunteer their time to support and guide our organization and our conservation efforts.

  • Connan Ashforth, Chair
  • Eunice Burnett, Vice Chair
  • Carole Clarkson, Secretary
  • Andrea de Cholnoky, Vice Chair
  • Melissa Gibbons, Vice Chair
  • David Bingham, MD, emeritus
  • Ann Decker, Ph.D.
  • Robert Dryfoos
  • Lile Gibbons
  • Morgan Gregory
  • Darcy Hadjipateras
  • Robert Klee
  • Alex Kragie
  • Lise Leist
  • Frank Loverro
  • Jeanne Mininall
  • Jane-Kerin Moffat, emeritus
  • Emily A. B. "Sandy" Nissley, emeritus
  • Katie S. O'Brien
  • Benjamin Kuhn Oko, MD

The Audubon Connecticut Board of Directors meets quarterly. All meetings that do not have an executive session are open to any interested members.

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