Schoolyard to Sound

Thank You for Taking Part in the Schoolyard to Sound Challenge

Sandy Point Beach & Bird Sanctuary (West Haven, Connecticut). Photo: Jennifer Benner

Dear Friend of the Environment,

Thank you for taking action to make the world a better place! By participating in the Schoolyard to Sound Challenge, your class is a step closer to the chance of winning an amazing prize such as a bird show, a trip to the aquarium, or funds for native plants!

We hope you will explore more ways to show you care about birds, other animals, and the planet.

  • Enter your school on our Schoolyard2Sound map! Follow the super simple steps here.
  • Encourage others to take action by posting #Schoolyard2Sound on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Learn more about our work to protect Long Island Sound by selecting here.
  • Be an Osprey Nest Cam Monitor! You can always return to a featured Osprey Cam, observe again, and submit another form.
  • If you haven't done so already, take a pledge with your family to keep the environment safe for Ospreys and for youand continue on your way to winning an amazing class prize! To complete a pledge, select here.
  • Encourage your teacher and classmates to participate in the Schoolyard to Sound Challenge, too, by submitting a pledge and Osprey monitoring form, you may be on your way to earning a classroom GRAND prize! Your teacher will be notified of any prizes by May 14, 2018.
  • Learn more about how our Plants for Birds Program helps create a beautiful space that's better for the environment.
  • Find out why we're celebrating birds and what you can do during 2018, the Year of the Bird!

Thank you again for taking action for the environment!

The Audubon Connecticut Schoolyard Habitat Program Team

How you can help, right now