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Help Preserve Open Space for Birds and People in Connecticut

Connecticut has fallen behind in open space acquisition and stewardship. Each year we have less habitat for birds and other wildlife, and fewer green spaces where Connecticut citizens can enjoy nature.

Audubon Connecticut's mission is to protect birds and other wildlife, and the habitat they depend on. We cannot do this alone. We need your help now! Connecticut needs to preserve open space and provide adequate stewardship of open space that has already been acquired.

Legislation will be introduced in the Connecticut state legislature 2017 session. If passed, this legislation would provide a "local option" for towns and cities across the state to acquire, preserve, and protect open space at the municipal level. The legislation does NOT require the municipalities to adopt the local option--it merely permits them to do so, through imposing a conveyance fee of up to 1% on the purchase of residential real estate, if they so choose.

Our campaign to support this legislation is called Project Green Space. We need your help to protect open space and bird habitat throughout our state.

Please support Project Green Space and call or email your State Representative and State Senator today, with a simple message:

I care about open space in my community and believe we should have a local option to fund open space acquisition and stewardship. Open space is good for birds and wildlife, and affords individuals an increased quality of life. Your support of local option legislation would help our community increase the amount of open space it purchases and protects. Please support Project Green Space!

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