Audubon Connecticut Hosts 'Commissioner In Your Corner'

DEEP Commissioner Rob Klee discusses wildlife efforts in CT at event gathering at the Bent of the River sanctuary in Southbury

March 12, 2014—Audubon Connecticut hosted the new DEEP Commissioner, Rob Klee, at Bent of the River Center in Southbury for his first 'Commissioner In Your Corner.'

The morning began with a bald eagle and peregrine falcon which supervised as Commissioner Klee visited the Shepaug Dam and the eagle viewing area with many partners and Audubon friends. After a visit to First Light’s hydro-electric facilities on the Shepaug Dam, Commissioner Klee drove to the Bent of the River in Southbury, Connecticut, where over 50 people joined him for a light lunch and comments on some of his plans for DEEP (Department of Energy & Environmental Protection) as well as a discussion on wildlife efforts in Connecticut.

Audubon Connecticut’s Executive Director, Stewart Hudson spoke about Audubon’s work along the Atlantic Flyway and the important focus of Audubon Connecticut’s work as a major state for migrating Neotropical birds as well as resident birds. Connecticut is a Nexus that supports coastal, shrub, grassland and forest birds and is a keystone for Audubon’s bird conservation efforts. Audubon’s many partners were at the Bent of the River to welcome Commissioner Klee and discuss our broader conservation initiatives.

Audubon Connecticut looks forward to working closely with Commissioner Klee on bird conservation in the future and we were delighted to be with him on the day of his confirmation!

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