Bird-Friendly Communities Workshop

Join us for a workshop on creating bird-friendly habitat in your community

Saturday, June 15, 2019
9:30am - 12:00pmSalem, Connecticut

Location Details

Salem Pavilion

89 Norwich Road, Salem, 06420

Please fill out this RSVP form if you plan to attend this or any Lyme Forest Block workshop. If you have any questions, contact Genevieve Nuttall, Bird Conservation Programs Associate, at

The event will take place at the pavilion in the Salem Community Park. 

Bird-Friendly Communities Workshop

June 15, 2019 - Salem, CT

Please let us know if you can attend this workshop by sending an RSVP. You can use this link to register for other workshops in our series, too!
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Did you know that Connecticut's woodlands are home to some of the highest concentration of bird species breeding in the continental United States? In 2016, the Lyme Forest Block, which includes Salem, Connecticut, was recognized by National Audubon Society and the state of Connecticut as an Important Bird Area. Unfortunately, many birds are experiencing long-term population declines in the area, but local landowners and residents can learn how to help halt these declines.

Join us for a workshop on creating bird-friendly habitat in your community! Katie Blake, Audubon Connecticut's Bird-Friendly Communities Manager, will explain how to plant shrubs and other plants that will attract native birds. By doing so, you can also enhance the aesthetics of your backyard habitat! We will have a "hands-on" session where we plant plugs of native, bird-friendly perennials.

This free event is sponsored by Audubon Connecticut and is part of the Workshop Series offered by the Lyme Forest Block Conservation Project—an initiative launched by Audubon Connecticut, in partnership with the Eightmile River Wild and Scenic Coordinating Committee, The Nature Conservancy, local land trusts, and municipalities.

More About the Project: The Lyme Forest Block Important Bird Area (IBA) is a woodland habitat in six towns in southeastern Connecticut (East Haddam, Colchester, Lyme, Old Lyme, East Lyme, and Salem). The goal of the Lyme Forest Block Conservation Project is to engage landowners in the IBA and teach them about forest birds and bird-friendly woodland management (especially for Wood Thrush and Cerulean Warbler).

We invite the community to participate in a series of bird walks, presentations, workshops, and work days in each of the six towns over the next year with the hope that landowners will attend the events and gain useful knowledge about birds and habitat management. To learn more and view the project event list, visit the Lyme Forest Conservation Project web page.

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