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2012 Annual Report 

2012 Annual Report - cover
Melissa Groo
Blackburnian Warbler
Audubon made enormous progress in aligning its national programs and priorities with the new Strategic Plan developed by David Yarnold and the Board of Directors of the National Audubon Society. Our organization-wide priorities are to:

  • Create bird-friendly communities and cities
  • Manage forests, farms and other working lands to benefit birds
  • Engage beachgoers and coastal residents in sharing our shores with birds to improve the survival and breeding success of key species
  • Deploy strategies to ensure the health and viability of critically important bird habitats through our IBA program
  • Develop climate adaptation strategies that reduce risks associated with sea level rise and an increased frequency of major storms

Thanks to you, Audubon Connecticut has accomplished much in the past year. In 2012, our Centers in Greenwich, Sharon and Southbury served tens of thousands of children and adults, elevating conservation and science literacy and growing a strong and informed corps of future conservation leaders. Audubon's science and policy team continues as a state-wide leader in the protection of priority bird habitats both inland and along the coast. Our Audubon At Home and Bird-Friendly Community efforts reached new heights.

This report summarizes our successes in Connecticut of the past year. Clearly, the central objectives of Audubon's Strategic Plan are integral to our efforts. We are acting at a larger scale to improve the protection of birds and their habitats and engaging a greater number of people in intelligent conservation actions to achieve those goals.

Our chapters, members, stewardship boards, donors, conservation partners and staff all helped make this happen. With your support, we can do even more in the year to come for birds and other wildlife and for the world we share. Thank you for your ongoing love of birds and nature and for your support for all that Audubon does to make our world a better place.

Thomas R. Baptist
V.P. & Executive Director (1997-2012)
Audubon Connecticut

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